It is too hard to plan, I can’t start saving because of my bills, I want to enjoy myself. When you turn to a money lender Singapore, or if you are simply having a hard time saving, you will find that there are quite a few excuses you can make as to why you are not saving, or why you are having a hard time with financial planning. But, you are not the only one who does it. In fact, nearly any individual or family which is struggling to make ends meet, or is not planning, will find that excuses are a simple way to get out of hardship. These are a few of the many excuses we constantly tell ourselves as it pertains to finances, saving, and planning for the future and for today.

Don’t know how to start

I do not know where to begin ; you are not alone. But, guess what; there are so many resources and guides out there, that this is an excuse which does not have merit. Sure, you are young and you want to have fun; but you still have to plan accordingly. Many people make the mistake of waiting too long and then they do not have enough saved when they need it. You have to start early; even if you are a careful individual you will find it is hard to save when you are younger. But, you never know what is going to happen in the future. SO, even if you are young, you have to begin somewhere. Simply save a bit each month, and as time progresses, you can start to budget and plan accordingly. The main thing is to get started even if you do not know how or where to begin. You will get the hang of it, and you will find you have more set aside when you begin earlier in life.

I don’t have it

Okay so you do not make much, so how do you go about saving? This is another common misconception. And, the answer is, you simply do it. Save something each month. Even if it is a very small amount, you do have it. Cut back on that morning cup of coffee you drink each day, or make lunch at home. You will see how much you are truly spending this way, you see ways in which you can cut back, and you are also going to see that you make much more than you truly expected. So, you can begin to save, and you can start to find ways in which you can cut back on spending which you shouldn’t be doing either way. So, it is a win win situation for you in this case.

Time is tight

Yes, and this is never going to change. And, it is the same for everyone. No matter where you live or where you work, there are 24 hours in the day and there are 7 days in a week. So, you are in the same situation as everyone else. And, guess what” There are people out there who are saving. So, if they find the time to do so, even if it is tough for them to do, why can’t you do the same? The answer is you can. But, you have to plan for it, you have to find ways in which you can talk to a specialist, and you have to find the right resources to help you out, in order for you to get started. Once you do so, and once you are track, you are going to find that you actually do have the time to do so, and are going to find ways to “make more time to do so.”

It is complicated

Again, this is not only the case for you, but for most people out there. Do you go with the stocks, or do you do something like a saving account which is not as risky? There are so many questions and there are so many complicated matters you do have to think about as it relates to saving. But, if you do the research, if you read, if you ask around, you are going to find that over time it is not as complicated as you think. You are going to find risk averse ways you can save, you will find ways to save more, and you are going to find ways in which you can earn interest on the money you are saving. So, you will become a whiz at it, you simply have to give yourself the time to feel things out and learn how to go about the saving plan you want to set up.

Debt is too high

And this is the final on the list; but, you are not alone here either. You can imagine how many people have loan debt from school or from medical bills. And, there are many who have quite a bit more in such debts than you do. So, how do they save and you can’t do the same? The answer is you can, and you simply have to do the research so you can learn what you can do to cut back here and there. If you are willing to plan and are willing to learn, there are resources and there are people who can help you as it relates to saving, and learning how to cut back on spending you shouldn’t be doing.

When it comes to saving, we are quick to make excuses; if we were the same when it comes to spending, we would be much better off. But, don’t fret; when it comes to saving and the many excuses there are, you are not on your own. Everyone makes them, and these are only a few of the excuses out there. So, no matter where you are in life, or how much you spend each month, step back, take a breath, and know there are ways to change and to learn how to go about saving.