Your credit card information is always at risk for theft, especially at today’s information age .Fortunately, by keeping your credit card information at safe extremes, one can reduce or avoid such credit card frauds. Always, it is advisable to be on the lookout for scammers who will try to trick you into giving out your credit card details.

In this article, we will recommend to you ten simple ways to avoid credit card fraud. The following are some of the ways
you can put in consideration to prevent this menace from occurring to you:

Keeping your credit card safe

Keeping your credit safe is one of the simplest and easiest ways to avoid any credit card fraud. When carrying a credit card, you are advised to keep it close to your body. This can be managed by placing the credit card in your wallet or a purse. When well set in those places, you cannot quickly be snatched away.

For the ladies, you should be sure to zip your purse immediately you place your credit card there. In case you are a high traffic area shopper, we recommend you to carry a small sizeable bag. When having a small purse, it is difficult for a thief to sneak in or steal it from you.

For both men and women, we advise you if possible to carry only one or two credit cards that you will be using that day. It is better to leave all the other credit cards at home.

Do not leave your created card exposed in the open. The reason why you should not do that is that a thief can use a cell phone or a camera to take a picture of your credit card. Try putting your credit card as fast as possible after making any purchase, while you leave the restaurant or a store, make sure that you have your credit card with you.

Shred anything with your credit card number on it

Avoid as possible to toss any billing statements on your credit card directly into your trash. These credit card billing statements have your details about the credit number printed on it. We recommend you to always shred those statements. The shredding with keep away the dumpster divas from having access to your credit card number. Do this also to all your canceled and expired old credit cards.

To make it safer, you can put all the shredded statements in different trash bags for any know all thieves who might try to put together the shredded pieces.

Avoid signing blank credit Card receipts

It is advisable that before signing any amount on your card receipt to always verify it. This applies to the amount of it. Be keen to prove that amount. Check the card carefully and read the details on it before putting your signature on it. If not well checked, the cashier at the counter can write any amount in it and send your purchase to the credit card issuer. Credit card fraud happens in
seconds, be on the lookout.

Stop giving out your credit card information

You only venue you should give your credit card number or any other sensitive and vital information are on the calls you take action on. Moreover, in case you are calling your credit customer care service, it’s advisable to use the customer care number on the back of your credit or debit card.

Never return any contacts left on the answering machine or through text messages and emails. It is always uncertain to know the phone number left on the answering machine is the scammer’s fake number.

Not only that, never think of giving the credit number to anybody who requests for it. Credit card thieves have customized their methods of obtaining credit card numbers through imposter mechanisms. It is not strange to find a scammer or a thief claiming to be credit card issuers.

Learn to be safe with your Credit card online

Research and statistics show that scammers use mostly the online avenues to do their undesirable frauds. They create email links which looks like those for your credit card companies, banks, licensed money lenders or any other business that requires your details. This method is called phishing. When you are not keen, you may fall a victim of entering your credit details to the fake websites. Do not click on those links. It is advisable to directly go to your account and log in to the legitimate business websites.

Reporting stolen or lost credit cards immediately

To prevent any fraudulent charges, you should directly report any missing credit card to the credit card issuer. This number can be obtained on the back of your credit card. When the credit card issuer receives the news of your stolen credit card, he or she will cancel it. This way, you will avoid paying for any fraudulent charges against your credit card. We recommend you to have the customer service written down to report immediately any missing card.

Reviewing your billing statements each month

The first utmost sign for any fraud on your credit card is the unauthorized charges. Immediately when you notice any small or high ghost charge, we advise you to report directly to the credit card issuer. The credit card will advise you on what to do next. The two primary options are either you get a new credit number, or you close the account immediately.

Making strong passwords and keeping them safe

There are numerous numbers of storages for your credit card on online venues such as Amazon. For the Amazon, one can make
a one-click purchase. Always make sure you use strong passwords which include capital and small letters and numbers. Do not share or write your passwords.

Be on the lookout for credit card skimmers at the ATMs and Gas stations

Conventionally, it is possible for the credit card fraudsters to put credit card skimming devices onto the credit card readers at ATMs and gas pumps. The credit card skimming devices will capture the information and store it for the credit card thieves. These skimmers are placed over the credit card swipes. In case you suspect something on the credit card swipe, it is recommendable to find another ATM or gas station.

Avoid Open Wi-Fi Networks

With today’s information age, many businesses offer free Wi-Fi to their customers to stay connected. These businesses majorly include the coffee shops and hotel lobbies. Though the free Wi-Fi may be useful to your routine, it is prone to tech-savvy hackers who are also connected to the same Wi-Fi. These hackers may discover a treasure trove of information which includes your credit card number, password, and username. Do not transmits any financial data using a free Wi-Fi which is easily hackable.


Credit card fraud has become rational in the modern world. This is because of the ever-advancing technological changes. To avoid being a victim of the circumstances, try and exercise the above cautions. It takes seconds to be a victim of credit card fraud. Keep your credit card safe.