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  • Business Reg No : 201004091N | License No : 120/2018

About Credit Hub Capital - Licensed Money Lender Singapore

Get Your Financial Problems Sorted with Licensed Money Lenders

Sometime, you fail to move ahead or you are stuck because you do not have the money you need to move your life forward. If you have urgent needs. Needs that cannot wait. Needs that have to be met using funds; you can easily get a payday loan from licensed moneylenders.

Who we are

Since 2010, We are a leading licensed money lender that abides all licensed money lender acts and rules set by Registry of MoneyLender in Singapore.

What we do

We are here to provide you financing solutions to get through difficult situations in life. Payday loan / Personal loan can help you with monetary difficulties at an affordable fee. You can take up a personal loan for various reasons such as urgently require money to get though a tough financial term, making a crucial investment decision or to purchase something that you desire. By taking up a personal loan you do not need to struggle alone, visit us and we will be glad to give you a hand.

Our customers

We serve everyone without discrimination on your score check. If you have been rejected by your bank because your credit history is not good enough, you can get comfortable funding with us. We do not reject applications from people who have bad credit rating. We give loans to every qualified candidate with the minimum level of qualification requirements you can find anywhere in Singapore. We will finance you base on your ability to repay the borrowed sum.

Why borrow from us

We have many years of experience in legitimate money lending business. We operate through a legal framework and are not involved in any unlawful money activity. We are a moneylender that cares and understand every client’s situation and offer money-financing services to people of all divides.

Processing time

We will process your loan within the shortest time you can get in the market. Usually our loan application process will not take more than 30 minutes. Once you make an application for your loan, your application will be reviewed and we will arrange an appointment with you to come down to our office to sign the loan agreement and you can get the cash on the spot. We disburse the loan in any way you desire soonest possible, as we understand you need the money soon that is why always do our best to make the loan process fast and efficient.

Interest Rates

Our interest rates are pocket friendly. Our interest is to ensure that you get the money you need to address your specific situation. We do not intend to make borrowing a burden to you that is why you will access financing at competitive rates.

Loans for All

With moneylenders, your application will not be restricted on technicalities such as bad credit rating. Our doors are opened even for those who are considered to be bad debtors by the Credit Bureau Singapore because we understand that the rating is not a true reflection of your financial character. We give loans to anyone who shows potential to pay the sum borrowed within the specified time.

Customer service

Borrowing from us ensures that you get all the necessary assistance that you need. You will not be subjected to hidden charges nor will we delay with your funds. Before you make a final decision of the application, you can visit our offices and get all the information that you need to know about our terms and condition. Our customer service is always available for you.

Get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit from Licensed Money Lender and get financial relief from your situation.

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Terms and Conditions

Only 21 years old and above is eligible for loan application.

To preserve the confidentiality of all information you provide to us we maintain the following Privacy Principles.

We only collect personal information that we believe to be relevant and required to understand your financial needs.

By clicking "Submit" and providing your personal data, you consent to Credit Hub Capital contacting you via the telephone and email and permitting to do a search on the Credit Association Singapore (CAS) web portal for the loan application purpose.

We will only use any information collected as minimally as possible, mainly to assist us in customising and delivering loan packages that are of interest to our customers.

We will not make unsolicited requests for customer information through email or the telephone, unless customers initiate contact with us.

We have established strict confidentiality standards for safeguarding information on our customers.

Credit Hub Capital will not use or disclose information collected from you other than for the purpose made known to you, authorised by you or required by the Law.

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