If you are a less than average borrower in terms of credit score and if you are in need of instant cash. Or if you are otherwise in need of a lump of cash and do not want to go through a bank lender, a licensed money lender is a viable solution you can rely on. But, not all lenders are licensed, and this is what can get you into trouble as a borrower, if you do not know where to go for the funds you have to borrow. It is well worth the time it will take you to do some research to find a viable lender not only so you are safe as a borrower, but also so you know you can get the cash you need, regardless of the time of year, or the day of the week. Always check with Ministry of Law (MLAW) if you are unsure if the money lender is legal or not.

If you aren’t a desirable or credit-worth borrower, there are still a number of licensed money lenders who are going to provide you a personal loan or a payday loan. Although you will find the lending terms are shorter, or you are not approved for the full amount you wish to borrow, this is a viable route if you would otherwise be turned down for a bank loan. And, if you are a borrower who needs quick funds, needs to go through a secured lender, and wants to know you are going to be fully protected and backed by the government, then the licensed lender route is the one you are going to want to choose. You are going to find that the rates are far lower than a same day cash advance loan, you are going to be dealing with a company which is fully licensed, and you are going to go through a lender which is backed by the government in Singapore, so you know what you are borrowing is legitimate.

Instant cash is a perk of going through a licensed lender; and yes, even on a Sunday you can get a cash loan you need, if you are in dire need of cash. Lenders who are fully licensed, are not only going to provide you with the instant approval which you need, they are also going to provide you with reasonable lending and repayment terms as it relates to the cash you are borrowing from them. So, whether you are applying in the middle of the week or you fill out your application on the weekend, you can be rest assured you are going to have the instant cash you require, in a short period of time with the right lender.

A licensed money lender is of high importance when you are deciding which lending company to go with. Not only so you know you are fully protected, but in the event a loan falls through or there are issues with the lender, the government is also going to back you up as a borrower. But, this is only the case if you are going through a licensed lender, not just any lender you turn to when you need to borrow a lump sum of cash.

You have quite a few options you can go through as it relates to borrowing cash, and having it quickly, when you are looking for instant approval of cash loans. A licensed lender is the one you are going to want to go through,as you are taking your time to compare the many options that are available to you as a borrower in Singapore. You are protected, you are going to find more viable options for lending, and you typically will have instant approval, for a reasonable amount, when you choose to apply with these lenders as a borrower.

It is important to know your lender is fully licensed and registered with the government; a simple search is going to inform you of all you have to know, and which lenders you should work with, when you are ready to apply for a cash loan you want to have approved right away. When you take the time to compare, you are not only going to find a viable lender which is fully licensed, you are also going to find the very best rates for the loan which you are going to take out with these lenders as a borrower as well.